How to change css style by using Unicode Hexadecimal

Tags: javascript,html,css,unicode,escaping

Problem :

Here is my code:

document.body.innerHTML="<p style=font-family:\22arial\22>hello</p>";

\22 should be “ , however, the result page turns out to totally ignore them:

enter image description here

But whats interesting is that if i used HTML Entity Name "&quot;" :

    document.body.innerHTML="<p style=font-family:&quot;arial&quot;>hello</p>";

after I used entity name the result page is exactly what I want Is it something related to the encoding / decoding method my browser use?

Solution :

If you're talking about unicode characters, the notation should be '\u0022'. That one works for me when I test it:

alert("He said: \u0022Hello, World!\u0022");

But for a quote, you could also use a backslash to escape the quote character itself:

alert("He said: \"Hello, World!\"");

or use a single quoted string:

alert('He said: "Hello, World!"');

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