How to apply a css class to master page based on the url using jquery? [closed]

Tags: c#,jquery,,css,jquery-ui

Problem :

I need to apply one css class based on the page i am in..All the divisions are in master page..

Can anyone help me with the code on how to find the url of the page and apply the class to that page using jquery?

Suppose this is my url how do i get just default.asp from it?


Solution :

You can find the page name and then if it is specific page as per your requirement then you can add required css class on the fly:


      if (document.location.href.match(/[^\/]+$/)[0] == 'index.aspx')
          //Add CSS in page header
          $("head").append("<script> .my-css-class{ /* put style here */} <script/>");

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