How to do a dynamic pulsating button in javascript?

Tags: javascript,html,dom,transition,css-animations

Problem :

I am trying to make my button pulsate from green to black and back in the an infinite loop. It is my first time working with @keyframes, I tried in CSS and worked perfectly, but doing it in javascript puzzles me a bit. How do I fix this and also I want this button to be infinitely pulsating through javascript since the button was dynamically created in javascript.

// create an input element
var frm = document.getElementById("result");
var submitBtn = document.createElement("input");
submitBtn.type = "submit";
submitBtn.value = "Confirm Purchase";
frm.appendChild(submitBtn); = "pulse 5s infinite";

var cssAnimation = document.createElement('style');
 cssAnimation.type = 'text/css';
var rules = document.createTextNode('@keyframes pulse {'+
'from { background-color:green; }'+
 '80% { background-color:black; }'+
'90% { background-color:green; }'+
'to { background-color:back; }'+

Solution :

Assume you worked in chrome

I see your given fiddle,And found some errors:

Here I use -webkit

If you create animation then you must have to use -webkit- for chrome or safari and for others are -o- for opera, -moz- for Mozilla and for IE you can directly add or add -ms-.

Here what i find that , You use only '.animation' in JavaScript rather then , .webkitAnimation So your animation isn't work!

And Your code is not formatted well,As this is javascript ,So it Compile line by line,So you have to first append your dynamic style tag then apply your animation to html element !


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