How to access files from this hierarchy?

Tags: html,css,eclipse,jsp

Problem :

I need to access from the jsp files which are in WebContent/jsp folder, to the *.css file which is in WebContent/css.

And I've tried using link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../css/adminStyle.css". But, sometimes the *.css works and sometimes it doesn't.

Another thing is how do I access from a *.css file to an image in imgs folder. And I tried using background-image:url('../imgs/background.png');

The hierarchy is the following:


  +--->  adminStyle.css

  +--->  background.png

  +--->  admin.jsp

Solution :

"sometimes the css works and sometimes not" looks like you it works for some url and doesn't work for some url. for this @rickz answer will work


This will eliminate the possibility of breaking css import with regards of url

for second question "how do I access from a css file to an image in imgs folder"


because relative path of background image defined in css will start from the folder where your css file is.

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