How to make font-size less for 2px than parent element?

Tags: html,css,css3,fonts

Problem :

I have two <span>s. First is font-size: 14px; and I want to reduce font-size of child <span> for 2 px;

<span>14px font <span>12px span</span></span>

How to do this without obvious setting font-size: 12px;? Is it possible with CSS? Or should I use jQuery?

jsFiddle, of course.

Solution :

If you don't mind using a feature with less than full support, I believe you could use CSS3's calc() For example:

font-size: calc(100% - 2px);

According to the spec the spaces around the operator are necessary. calc(100%-2px) may not work.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work on a lot of older browsers including IE8 and iOS Safari < 6. If you want to support them, a javascript solution like Quentin or Zeaklous came up with is your best bet.


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