how to minify css file containing @page

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Problem :

css file for media='print' contains @page directive

.myreceipt {
    @page {
        visibility: hidden;
        margin: 0 15px;

    @page {
        height: auto;

ASP.NET MVC4 builtin minification does not minify it. Looking into source shows error

(2390,5): run-time error CSS1062: Expected semicolon or closing curly-brace, found '@page'

How to minify css containing @page in ASP.NET/Mono MVC4 application ?

Solution :

Invalid CSS syntax. Do it this way:

@page hide {
    visibility: hidden;
    margin: 0 15px;

.myreceipt {
    page: hide

By the way, what you should be using is @media instead of @page

@media print {
    .myreceipt {
         visibility: hidden;
         margin: 0 15px;

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