How to populate JSON response values in Jquery

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,ajax

Problem :

I got the result of a Ajax call in JSON array format, like this

var productList ={
"products": [
        "brandName": "B1",
        "productID": "Pid1",
        "productName": "P1",
        "imagePath": "IP1",
        "mrp price": "9.99",
        "sell price": "8.99"
        "brandName": "B1",
        "productID": "Pid3",
        "productName": "P2",
        "imagePath": "IP2",
        "mrp price": "19.99",
        "sell price": "18.99"
        "brandName": "B1",
        "productID": "Pid3",
        "productName": "P4",
        "imagePath": "IP1",
        "mrp price": "29.99",
        "sell price": "558.99"

Now in success function of ajax call, i want to create the <li> .. </li> elements for each product available in JSON response. I want to apply some CSS classes and Ids to elements. This is the format for li.

<li class='productWrap $productID' style='height:200px; width:150px;'>
    <div class=\"productImageWrap\" id=\"productImageWrapID_+$productID\">
        <img src=$imagePath width='75' height='75' />
        <div style='font-size: 11px; font-family: \"Verdana\"; '> 
            $brandName + " " + $productName 
                <strike>   $mrp price  </strike>    
                $sell price 
            <a href='#' id=\"featuredProduct_$data[0]\" onclick=\" adjust_menu(; simpleCart.add('name=$brandName + " " + $productName', 'price=$sell price','image=$imagePath');             return false;\">   
                <img src='images/add-to-basket2.gif' alt='Add To Basket' width='111' height='32' id='featuredProduct_+$productID' />

My doubt is How to populate these values in Ajax success function. The values that i need to populate is shown as $ prefix like $brandName $productName etc.

I not only want to fill these values to display but want to fill in such a way that i can access any element after filled-up (using CSS class and IDs that we are applying while populating) to use for Jquery click and Mouse Hover functions.

Solution :

You could do something like

   success: function(data){
         $ul = $('#theUl');
             var li = "<li><h1 class='name'>"+this.brandName+" "+this.productName+"</h1></li>";


additionaly, if you want to have a click-event on you have to delegate the selector, because you push it into the DOM way after it is ready. That could look like :

  alert('Yeah i successfully bound an event with an element that did not exist initially')

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