how to show css text in html div

Tags: css

Problem :

I am trying to show the information in the notice class.

I have try adding content: but this doesn't work.

.notice {
content: "information below are instructions for this method for this page";

<div class="notice"></div>

I was wondering if the text in the content can be shown in the div?. I want to show actually what is in the notice class whenever I call the notice class. I have about 40 pages I need to do this to and some people might thing I should just type it in all pages but that information in the content changes.

Is they a way to do this in css?

Solution :

The content property only works on the :after and :before psuedo classes, e.g. try:

.notice {
content: "information below are instructions for this method for this page";

<div class="notice"></div>

See this fiddle

That said, CSS should be kept for styling and not content - which should be output in your HTML, and controlled by either whichever serverside tech you're using (e.g. PHP, Python), or a JS bridge.

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