how to run HTML+CSS+JAVASCRIPT Project on android Emulator

Tags: javascript,android,html5,css3

Problem :

My Project is in HTML 5, CSS3,JavaScript. My project is perfectly work in internet browser(either using localhost or server)

Now i want to run my project on android Emulator. i am using http://'localhost':8036/login or http://'AndroidLocalhostipaddress':8036/login to run project on browser. and also try to copy my project in asset folder(web-view technique)but it is not work? My project correctly work in iPad(iPhone) but in Android it not work.

First tell me any code conversion required to run on Emulator.

Solution :

use a WebView view in your layout XML file:

<WebView xmlns:android=""

use this code in your activity onCreate() method:

WebView mwebview = (WebView) findViewById(;

And, mWebView.loadUrl("file:///android_asset/myfile.html"); works under all API levels.

I still not figure out why mWebView.loadUrl("file:///android_res/raw/myfile.html"); works only on API level 8. But it doesn't matter now.

try this code. hope it helps you.

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