how to change css for a seletor when the selector doesn't exist javascript / jquery

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,cross-browser

Problem :

I have an html file which links to an external css file which has this

#bottomBar td {
    background-color: red;

Now in my javascript, I need something which, if the browser is IE 10, it makes background-color be blue instead of red. Here is what I tried to put in my script

if (Function('/*@cc_on return document.documentMode===10@*/')()) { // this checks if it is IE 10
    $('#bottomBar td').css('background-color', 'blue');

this doesn't work because it doesn't loop through each bottomBar td since there are none yet. All I want to do is change the actual css regardless of if there is a #bottomBar td or not, I want to be able to change the CSS for it. Any idea how to do this? I want to change the actual text in my css but using

$('#bottomBar td').css('background-color', 'blue');

doesn't work since the selector

$('#bottomBar td')

doesn't exist, it doesn't change the background color to red from blue. Note that I have restrictions and cannot use more than one stylesheet and cannot add or remove any additional classes.

Solution :

$('body').append('<style>#bottomBar td { background-color: blue; }</style>');

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