How to force font-weight on all children, but respect the nested depth

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I'm displaying some HTML markup which was originally created in Flash. Flash has an attribute called "FACE" which applies a custom font to the tag. I'm processing the markup on the server side before it's sent to the browser, it converts FONT tags into spans and the FACE attribute into a class name, e.g. "Arial" or "ArialBold".

I want to style the text to match the custom fonts (so Arial can only show font-weight:normal, and ArialBold can only show font-weight: bold). The problem is my css isn't handling it how Flash would.

Flash might have this markup:

<font face="ArialBold">
  <font face="Arial"><span><b>Some text<b><span></font>

And it will display like this:

Some text

Here the Arial font is overriding the ArialBold font because it's nested deeper and the tag renders as normal text because the Arial font doesn't have bold characters included.

In the jsfiddle however, html/css will show the text as:

Some text

So, my question is, how do I fix the jsfiddle, so that the outputted text to display is:

Normal bold here

Hello World Good bye

Hello World Good bye

Example: jsfiddle


Solution :

Just with this simple css:

.Arial *, .ArialBold * { font-weight: inherit; }
.Arial { font-weight: normal; }
.ArialBold { font-weight: bold; }


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