Image title both alingn. How to make each element aligned vertically?

Tags: html,css,css3

Problem :

I am creating a page to list all the sponsors of a web site, with logo and the name of them. The problem is that I cannot align the titles because the logos having different height. The result is like that:

enter image description here

But I like to have the following result:

enter image description here

The HTML for each sponsor listing is this:

<div class="one_fourth">
    <a href="LINK_TO_SPONSOR">
        <img src="URL_TO_IMAGE" />
    <h3>Sponsore Title</h3>

The CSS applied on my images is the following:

    display: block !important;
    max-width: 100% !important;

Is there a way to achive ther required result with CSS and if so, how ?


Solution :

If you insert a div that include your link and image and set the height to your div you can align your text try this:

  <div class="one_fourth">
     <div class="img">
         <a href="LINK_TO_SPONSOR">
            <img src="URL_TO_IMAGE" />
     <h3>Sponsore Title</h3>

And in your css add a class for that div setting the height max of the image




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