Show container only if text inside it

Tags: css,css3

Problem :

I have a container a the top of the webpage which I use to dynamically display status messages. By default the container is empty but it's still visible because the of the red background and the padding.

How can I make this container visible only if there is text inside it using CSS?

#status_container {
  width: 240px;
  padding: 6px 16px;
  margin: 5px 8px;
  height: auto;
  background: red;
<div id="status_container"></div>

Solution :

Instead, apply styling to a child element. Then use CSS to display that child element if it exists like so:

.status_container {
  overflow: hidden;

.status_container > p {
  padding: 6px 16px;
  margin: 5px 8px;
  background: red;

<div class="status_container">
    <p>Upload successful.</p>

Set overflow: hidden on parent so that the margin of the child p is still visible

See this jsFiddle of an empty and full message.

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