3 column layout, same height, middle column full size. How to do it without “table-cell”

Tags: html,css

Problem :

how to make 3 column layout where:

  • left column is fixed width
  • middle column is auto width (not fixed)
  • right column is fixed width

and all columns height are equal (but exact height is unknown)



I know i can do it by using tables, or display:table-cell, but is it possible to do it wihout using tables? I would go for table-cell but it doesn't work with older ios/android mobile devices and older browsers.

Is there some css hack available to do it without table-cell ?

Edit: In this particual case I just want to set full height color background (left: color #A, middle: color #B, right: color #C)

Edit2: I feel like 1999 table layout poltergeist/ghost is laughing in front of my face

Edit3: no js please

Solution :

Have you tried using a separate <div> to draw desired backgrounds? Here, I've created an example http://plnkr.co/edit/WOaF3SZ9N8sswsxbZ116?p=preview

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