How to insert database values into the template stylesheet?

Tags: jquery,python,css,sqlalchemy,pyramid

Problem :

I have a pyramid app where I insert an entry in my database table on a Zope page template. The chameleon template engine renders it to html. What I want to do is move this entry over by the value column in the database associated with the entry. Here is what I would want to do.

<p class="entries">${}</p>

<style type="text/css">
.entries {
    margin-left: var(entry.value) px;

obviously this is incorrect. Is there a way to do this with JQuery custom css classes perhaps? I don't know how to integrate it with the pyramid framework or the sqlalchemy ORM.

Solution :

Looks like it is exactly the same in the style sheet as it would be in the rest of the template. You just need to use ${} format. I am not sure what you would do if you wanted to put the css in a separate file though.

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