How to make html list scrollable downwards on fullscreen page?

Tags: html,css,html-lists

Problem :

I am trying to put a list, that is scrollable, inside a div. My content takes up 100% of the page.

I use this code for my list:

ul {
    height: 100%;
    overflow-y: scroll;

However when I add items to the list, it expands beyond the page size and it continues on even after the true 100% of the page (being 768px in full screen for me) is used up. You can see it not working here:

If you copy <li> several times, you will see that <ul> is extending further below the page.

How can I make the following CSS work within the 100% page with hidden overflow?

Solution :

Put overflow-y:scroll; in your #contacts_container CSS.

Here's a JSFiddle to show it.

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