How to center an unordered list?

Tags: html,css,html-lists,center

Problem :

I need to center an unordered list of unknown width, while still keeping the list-items left aligned.

Achieve the same result as this:




div { text-align: center; }
ul { display: inline-block; text-align: left; }

Except my <ul> doesn't have a parent div. ul { margin: 0 auto; } doesn't work because I don't have a fixed width. ul { text-align: center; } doesn't work because the list-items won't be left aligned anymore. So how can I center this <ul> while keeping the <li>s left aligned (without having a parent div wrapper)?


EDIT: Perhaps my wording wasn't the best... The first block of code already works... what i need is to do it without the <div> wrapper, if that's possible of course. Float tricks? Pseudo element tricks? There must be a way.

Solution :

    ul { display:table; margin:0 auto;}

EDIT: didnt notice the width problem.

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