How could I use pseudo-element :after :before conditionally

Tags: html,css,css-selectors

Problem :

If I wanted to only insert a pseudo-element after a link only if the link is followed by another element say ul. How could I do this?


        <a href="#">blah<!-- insert -> here with CSS --></a>
            <li>More stuff</li>
        <a href="#">blah 2<!--Do nothing here--></a>

CSS I wish could happen:

ul li a:after if(next:ul) {

I'm not trying to use JavaScript/jQuery. And I realize if conditions are not apart of css. Is there a way to do this?

Solution :

In general it is not possible to select elements based on their next sibling.

In your specific case, you can use ul li a:not(:last-child)::after, because it happens that your anchors that are not followed by an <ul> element are also the last child element.

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