Using SASS how to prevent a css file from being generated inside of the SASS folder?

Tags: css,sass,codekit

Problem :

I'm using SASS, and have Codekit installed.With Codekit I tell the scss files to compress and compile into css inside of the ../css folder.


Something somewhere is telling that scss file to also export out a css file into my sass folder.

Codekit is setup correctly:

enter image description here

Output: (there should be no css files here)

enter image description here

Anyone else run into this issue?

What I've found out so far:

The problem does not seem to have anything to do with Codekit, cause the annoying .css file will get generated inside of my SASS folder even with Codekit uninstalled.

I use to have LiveReload and LiveStyle installed, but I've removed both of those items.

I started a brand new project in a different folder, so far have not been able to reproduce issue, however still experience bug with my real project.

PyCharm seems to be generating the css files! Looking into how to turn that off now Thank to Katie

enter image description here

Solution :

Since it's happening without Codekit as a factor, you may have something odd in your config.rb file. In the root directory of your project (probably the directory that contains the css and sass directories), open the file config.rb in your text editor (Sublime Text). Look for these lines:

css_dir = something
sass_dir = something

These lines tell Sass where to put the resulting files. It sounds like you want it like this:

css_dir = "css"
sass_dir = "sass"

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