How to make a div and its children to ignore its parent styles?

Tags: html,css,twitter-bootstrap,responsive-design

Problem :

Lets say I have the following markup:-

<div class="house">
  <div class="room">

<div class="house">
  <div class="room porch">


.house .room { /* Some styling done here */ }

.porch { /* Some different styling done here */ }

Now, I'd like my div with the classes room and porch to consider only the class porch and ignore the styles of house and room. Is this possible? This is just a simple example, I have a case where in place of the class porch, there are many more classes, so overriding just one class with !important won't work, as there could be a lot of classes with various styles.

How can this be achieved?

Solution :

you could use :not

.house .room:not(.porch) { 
      /* .room elements only when they have not .porch class */ 

.porch { 
      /* all .porch elements */

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