How can I style the n-th div with CSS

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I have design like this :

<body id="layout">
 <div id="section-header">
   <div class="widget" id="Pagelist1">
    <div class="widget-wrap1">
     <div class="widget-wrap2">
        <div class="widget-content">
   <div class="widget" id="Pagelist2">
    <div class="widget-wrap1">
     <div class="widget-wrap2">
        <div class="widget-content">

Requirement: CSS always start with body#layout
How can I style for widget-content class (child of Pagelist2 ID)?
I tried styling like this but its not working:
body#layout > #Pagelist2 > .widget-content {....}

I want to style the class .widget-content

Solution :


#layout  #Pagelist2 .widget-content {....}

or just

#Pagelist2 .widget-content {....}

It wasn't working for you because you were using the child selector and #Pagelist2 isn't an immediate child of the body.

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