How can we retrive style from css by selector without creating element?

Tags: javascript,css

Problem :

Suppose we have 2 css files First has

.x { background-color="red" }

second has

div { border=1 }
div:hover { border=2 }

How can we get style of by javascript without creating new element just to get its style?

And even if we need to create new element for get the style or not. How we can get it with and without hover ?

Are there any functionality like document.queryStyle({ type:"div",class:"x",hover:true }) or anything like this?

Solution :

There is usually no problem with creating the element and removing the element right after, because the visitor will never see it.

Solution with jquery:

$div = $('<div class="border"></div>');
var css = $div.css("border");


<div class="content">
    hello world


div.border {
   border: 1px solid black;

JsFiddle example:

If you really can't create the element, google for "Javascript CSS Parser".

By the way, your CSS Syntax is incorrect. It's "div { border: 1px; }", not "div { border = 1 }"

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