How to fix the my Anchor link issue [duplicate]

Tags: html,css

Problem :

This question already has an answer here:

EDIT: From my previous post, none of the answers can satisfy my needs so I created a jsfiddle here to be more clear.

I am having an issue about my anchor tag.

I have created a jsfiddle

When I click my links, it will jump to the contents div. However, it seems like the content div is covered by the header div which has position:fixed specified. I want the contents jump to below my header div. How do I fix this?

I can't really change the my header div css property here...

Thanks for the help

Solution :

You mean something like this I got this code from check it out and see if this is what you wanted to achieve

<span class="anchor" id="section1"></span>
<div class="section"></div>

<span class="anchor" id="section2"></span>
<div class="section"></div>

<span class="anchor" id="section3"></span>
<div class="section"></div>

This is pretty much the new html markup for the page

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