How to adjust the position of specific elements/items/content on a page with CSS

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Problem :

I am new(ish) to HTML and CSS. I am building a site but it feels I am not getting as much control over it as is possible. Control over positioning and placement of items/elements/objects that is.

Example Image

Question: How can I adjust the position of specific elements/items/content on a page with CSS. In this case the 'Horizontal Rule'. How can I move/push the 'Horizontal Rule' up closer to the text above it. The 5 stars and text. And if I wanted to how can I put more space between the title and the image?

For example. In HTML I have a 'Horizontal Rule' separating an image and text above from text below. See this image here.

The 'Horizontal Rule' in this picture is in a div. The 5 star rating system and it's text is in a div. The picture is in a div and the title (everything above the image) is in a div. Lastly, those 4 divs are in a container div. How can I push the 'Horizontal Rule' up closer to the 5 stars and text with out effecting anything else on the page?

For my code please see my link in the comment below. I am unable to post more than 2 links due to reputation. Thanks.

Your answer will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Solution :

You could try something such as:

hr { width: 100%; height: 1px; color: #CCC; margin-top: -2px; }

Not sure if there is any risk is using negative margins... I'm certainly not a CSS expert.

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