How to align a HTML definition list (
) horizontally without limiting term or definition in height?

Tags: html,css,css-float

Problem :

I'm trying to align a HTML defintion list horizontally, so the term is on the left, and the definition is on the right.

Both term and definition can be very long, so they can be wider than the available width and will wrap.

With my CSS, I have no problem with definitions that wrap and so are higher than the corresponding term. But in the rare case when the term wraps and is higher than the corresponding definition, I don't get the following definition to clear properly.

You can see this in my jsFiddle, where the definition "555" does not properly align with the term "555".

Any help on how to fix this is really appreciated. Requirements:

  • I want the definition to use all available horizontal space on the right, so I don't want to use a fixed width for the <dd> tag.
  • I don't want the definition in any situation to be positioned under the corresponding term.

Solution :

This might do the trick. Add the following CSS rule:

dd:after {
    content: '';
    display: block;
    clear: both;

The pseudo-element will clear the floated <dd> element and this will ensure that the next <dt> starts on a new line.

See demo:

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