How to use background css for an image not in the Content or Resource folder

Tags: css,,razor

Problem :

I have a background image for an input, just using inline styling because it would be changed with javascript later:

<input type="text" style="background: url('??') no-repeat;" />

What do I put as the url? This is the directory structure:

Directory Structure

(Where above Views is just the root project folder)

The input is on MyPage. I've tried using /Views/1/2/3/Content/images/somePic.jpg, but it apparently could not be found, which is confusing as it had worked before when I just had it in Root/Resources/somePic.jpg and linked it as Resources/somePic.jpg.

I don't have a choice over which directory this image is in. How do I link it properly with this setup?

Solution :

Ahhh nevermind, the problem apparently lay in something completely irrelevant. There was a line in Web.config that essentially said to give a 404 error for all content in the Views folder. The fix was to just add an exception for the Content folder. The path I've been using did work; it was just a permissions problem.

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