how to save responsive menu open/close value?

Tags: php,html,css

Problem :

We recently changed our front-end and start using Metronic responsive theme.

I have a left menu like:

enter image description here

Now since this is responsive if you click top left of the menu it resizes perfectly like this:

enter image description here

The problem is even if you resized it( for ex: small), when you click a link (or when page is refreshed), regardless of the size it automatically displays the big menu.

if (resize) {  use -> page-header-fixed page-sidebar-closed }  
else {   use ->page-header-fixed }

I know it must be something like that but how to implement this in php?

EDIT: I have an body class inside index.php like :

    <body class="page-header-fixed">
    <?include "left.php"?>

left.php is the page that has the left menu. body class is the css class that I need to check

Solution :

Do this setting must be stored on your database? If not, why not use localStorage and manage it with - and only - JavaScript?

I don't know your menu code, but if you can watch it open and close event, you can just use:

window.localStorage.setItem("menu", 1); // 1: open - 2: closed

Then on page load read it:


No need to set ajax requests to the server nor cookies and that kind of crap.

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