How to add/insert json data[0] etc to/in jquery $('td').css?

Tags: jquery,css,ajax,json

Problem :

Here is working code

$('td.transaction_partner_name_td4').css('border-bottom', '1px solid #FF0000');

It changes border color for such html <td class='transaction_partner_name_td4'></td>

But I need to use html like this

<td class='transaction_partner_name_td<?php echo $row_number;?>'>
<input type='text' name='transaction_partner_name[]' id='transaction_partner_name<?php echo $row_number;?>'>

$row_number may be 1, 2 ... 30. So transaction_partner_name_td may be transaction_partner_name_td1,2...30

Need in ajax after function(data, success) change <td class='transaction_partner_name_td<?php echo $row_number;?>'> for certain td

json data values are for example :

data[0] value is 1

data[1] value is 3

data[2] value is 4

I can change/set input value like this:

<?php while ( $counter < ($counter_maximum) ){ ?>
$('#transaction_partner_name<?php echo $counter;?>').val(data[<?php echo $counter;?>]);
<?php $counter++; } ?>

In the same way trying to change/set border color.


<?php while ( $counter < ($counter_maximum) ){ ?>
$('td.transaction_partner_name_td(data[<?php echo $counter;?>])').css('border-bottom', '1px solid #FF0000');
<?php $counter++; } ?>

But this does not work. With View source see like this $('td.transaction_partner_name_td(data[1])').css('border-bottom', '1px solid #FF0000');

Is it possible to add json data[0] to td.transaction_partner_name_td? Or may be other solution?


Thanks to T.J. Crowder advice at the moment get to work with this code (possibly latter will face some problems, but at the moment works as necessary):

<?php while ( $counter < ($counter_maximum) ){ ?>
$("#transaction_partner_name" + data[<?php echo $counter;?>]).closest("td.transaction_partner_name_td").css('border-bottom', '1px solid #FF0000');
<?php $counter++; } ?>

Solution :

I think there's probably a better way to approach this structure entirely, but the minimal change to what you have that allows you to target those cells is this:

HTML (Note that there's no longer a row ID on the class):

<td class='transaction_partner_name_td'>
   <input type='text' 
          id='transaction_partner_name<?php echo $row_number;?>'>


// Access *all* of them
var allTransationPartnerCells = $("td.vtransaction_partner_name_td");

// Or access the one for a specific row
var justOneCell = $("#transaction_partner_name" + someRowNumber)

Or in that last one, you probably don't even need the class:

// Access the one for a specific row
var justOneCell = $("#transaction_partner_name" + someRowNumber)

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