HTML5 - Show Items Side By Side

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Problem :

I am new to HTML/CSS so I am creating a simple website to learn how it works.

I have a header that contains the website name and a collection of links. I'd like to format it so that they are side by side. (Similar to StackExchange, as seen above. The website name to the left, links to the right).

I've included my current markup below but it doesn't appear to be doing anything. I suspect I'm using CSS classes and subclasses incorrectly or I have the concept wrong. Can someone point out any errors I might have made or point me to a resource for further reference? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: I want the website name above the the slogan, to the right and the links to the left.



header .section 

header .nav 


            <h1>My Website</h1>
            <p>My Slogan</p>
            <a href="#">Link A</a> | 
            <a href="#">Link B</a>
    My website contents


There were multiple correct answers but I can unfortunately only mark one as correct. The correct answer was to remove the dots in ".section" and ".nav" as well as to set the header to overflow:auto rather than clear:both. Thanks everyone!

Solution :

You want something like this, right?

header {

header section {
header nav {
    float:right; /* or left */

jsFiddle here

As mentioned in the comments, you use header as opposed to .header, section as opposed to .section, nav instead of .nav.

The . is used to reference classes.

overflow:auto will make the parent contain the child, since a height isn't set on it.

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