How to detect all events added on a div

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I am new to jQuery and such kind of js frameworks. Till now I used to do like this

<div onclick="function()"></div>

But in jQuery we get the element and add the event there. How can I detect all events added on a div?

I have a div whose height is set to the remaining height. Then I cant find appropriate css for that. I strongly believe that it has been done from javascript. I cant find relavant code any where. I dont know how to debug this.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Solution :

To answer your question you can use:

jQuery._data( elem, "events" );

This will become an object of all events attached to the selected element.

enter image description here

This will return undefined when no event is attached to the element.

Note that this should be a single element, so for a class you should use:

$._data($('.class')[0], "events")

Which only select the first element with that class, instead of all the elements with that class.


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