How does one override the JQuery UI styles?

Tags: jquery,css,jquery-ui,jquery-ui-draggable

Problem :

I'm using JQuery UI sortable, which seems to force the sortable elements to have display: block.

However, I would like these elements to have display: inline-block.

I've tried using this css: .item { display: inline-block !important; }

But it does not work (as evidenced by the computed styles in Chrome's console).

I've also tried using the following jquery statement: $('.item').css({display: 'inline-block'})

But that does not work either.

How can I override the JQuery UI styles?

Solution :

The solution was to set float:none, which allowed the desired display style of inline-block to manifest. Then I had to set vertical-align: top to make the elements align at their tops. The total css:

.item {

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