how to remove and add css class to a specific textbox inside gridview in c#

Tags: c#,html,,css,gridview

Problem :

Please tell me how to remove and add CssClass to a specific textbox inside gridview ?

This is what i have tried but it doesnot changee css for the textbox

my css in my .aspx page is :

<style type="text/css">
       border:3px solid red

in my button click here is my code for gridview looping where depending upon the condition i want to change the border color of the textbox;

 var result = (from f in dtCloned.AsEnumerable()
                      group f by f.Field<string>("AssetDescription") into g
                          AssetDescription = g.Key,
                          TotalAmount = g.Sum(r => r.Field<double?>("Amount"))

foreach (var aAsset in result.AsEnumerable())
  if (aAsset.TotalAmount < 0)
     foreach (GridViewRow arow in GridProjectDetails.Rows)
         string AssetDescription = ((TextBox)arow.FindControl("TextAssetDescription")).Text;
         if (AssetDescription == aAsset.AssetDescription)
             ((TextBox)arow.FindControl("TextAmount")).CssClass = "erroramount";

Solution :

Your statement should work unless the code is not reachable or its not finding the control. It would have thrown exception if control was not found.There is an alternate way to set the class as well:

((TextBox)arow.FindControl("TextAmount")).Attributes["class"] = "erroramount";

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