how to make RegEx to match CSS non greedy for a part of the match

Tags: php,css,regex

Problem :

I'm working on this RegEx to match and replace CSS with other CSS values. So far I have this:

$css_new = preg_replace('/('.$definition.'.*?\s'.$property.':)[^;]*([^}]*)/is','$1 '.$value.'$2',$css_temp);

The issue I have is that if I am trying to replace something in the definition ".menu" values also get replaced in the ".menu li" definition.

I was thinking of adding a "{" somewhere but I'm not having luck with it. I tried this:

$css_new = preg_replace('/('.$definition.'{.*?\s'.$property.':)[^;]*([^}]*)/is','$1 '.$value.'$2',$css_temp);

Thanks for your help.

Solution :

Just wanted to report how I solved this problem. I was able to come up with this line and have tested it extensively.

$css_new = preg_replace('/(.*^'.$definition.'\s{.*?\s'.$property.':)[^;]*([^}]*)/ism','$1 '.$value.'$2',$css_temp);

If you see something wrong with this line please let me know but I believe this solves the issue.

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