css how to select a class in another div

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I am trying to make a menu where I show the icon and when i hover over the icon the text will appear. I've got that so far, but I want to change the background color of the text.

<div id='menu'>
    <div id='menuitems'>
        <div class="item" onclick="loadPage('/')">
            <span class="menuIcon"><img src='/img/layout/icons/home.png'/></span>
        <div class="item" onclick="loadPage('/pages/settings/')">
            <span class="menuIcon"><img src='/img/layout/icons/settings.png' /></span>
        <div class="item" onclick="loadPage('/pages/php/')">
            <span class='TextMenuItem'>< &#47; ></span>
    <div id="menuText">
        <div class="itemtext" onclick="loadPage('/pages/home/')">Home</div>
        <div class="itemtext" onclick="loadPage('/pages/settings/')">Settings</div>
        <div class="itemtext" onclick="loadPage('/pages/php/')">Projects</div>

So if I move over a div with the class item I want to change the color of the div and the div with the class itemtext. Is it possible, in css, to see how many times a class has been used before the one that I hover and based on that number being able to color the background of the itemtext div with the same number or do I have to use javascript?

JSFiddle with progress: http://jsfiddle.net/WszKV/

Solution :

Ended up using javascript to solve my problem.

    function() {
        var index = $(this).index();
        changeMenuBg(index, true);
    }, function() {
        var index = $(this).index();
        changeMenuBg(index, false);
    function() {
        var index = $(this).index();
        changeMenuBg(index, true);
    }, function() {
        var index = $(this).index();
        changeMenuBg(index, false);
function changeMenuBg(index, hover){

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