How can I apply css to elements created with append()

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I am trying to change the text colour of certain options in a but it is not working. none are red

    var style="color:red" 
        .append($('<option>', {
                value: "0",
                title: "hello",
                style: style
            .text("my text")); the colour is black when it should be red

Solution :

The property name to use is "css", not "style". Also the value should be an object whose properties are the CSS properties to set.

    .append($('<option>', {
            value: "0",
            title: "hello",
            css: { color: "red" }
        .text("my text"));

You can, incidentally set the text with that initialization object too:

    .append($('<option>', {
            value: "0",
            title: "hello",
            css: { color: "red" },
            text: "my text"

Now, this does work, but it's important to note that when you're looking at the page with the <select> element not "open", you're not looking at the <option> elements. If you want the selected text to be red, then you need to also style the <select> element itself. When there's only one <option>, the <select> cannot be "opened" so you never see the style of the <option>.

I can't recall exactly but it may be the case that IE, or old versions of it anyway, won't pay attention to styles on <option> elements. IE <select> was implemented in a really weird way in old versions.

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