How to center a single character both vertically and horizontally in a square div

Tags: css

Problem :

I want to center within a square div an arbitrary character. I admit that this sounds like a very simple task, but nothing I've tried works (and I've tried a bazillion things!)1.

For concreteness, let's say that the div has height and width equal to 20ex, and let's say that the single character is the so-called "multiplication sign": ✕, nice and symmetric. I want this character to be positioned inside the 20ex-by-20ex square div such that the point where the two strokes cross is dead-center, both vertically and horizontally, within the div.


I tried the answers I've received so far, here. The solutions given by Jedidiah and by Ashok Kumar Gupta (second and third divs) produce pretty similar results, but (maybe I'm seeing things), the ✕ in the third div is just a hair above the vertical center.

1I have learned that no matter how mind-numbingly straightforward a layout task may appear, it can still take me hours and hours and hours to figure out the CSS to achieve it.

Solution :

Setting the line-height to the height of the container should do it.

text-align: center;

Example here:

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