How to override css for giving background image?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I have one page and I have applied style.css to it and in that body has given by default one background Image which will set automatically by adding css file to that page. But in that I want all formatting same but I want to change body background image.

So what I will have to do to override the css formatting ?

In style.css I have given :

     background: url(images/bg.jpg) repeat-x #e4e9ec top;

But I want bg.png as it's background So I have used :

<body background="images/noise-bg.png">

Is there any way ?

Solution :

Something like this should work:

<body style="background-image: url(images/noise-bg.png)">

In terms of specificity, the style attribute should be more specific than styles defined in a stylesheet.

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