How to figure out what is going on with this nice CSS horizontal menu? [closed]

Tags: css

Problem :

[edit] initially I thought he did it with javascript, as it actually turns out, he chose a CSS only approach.

So I stumbled over this blog: david walsh's blog about jquery css etc I really like the horizontal menu. I want to build something similar. I would have loved to look at how he did it.

What is a good way to find out what is going on there?

Solution :

This appears to be all CSS. In chrome, if you inspect element on one of the menu items, you'll see the basic structure as:

        <li class=>
            <a>Link</a><!-- this is the main menu item -->
            <div>  <!-- this is the submenu -->
                    <li></li> <!-- submenu item -->

Now, knowing all of this, you can click the button to activate hover on various elements, so you know which is getting the new styles.

When I activate hover on the nav > ul > li the submenu becomes visible.

nav>ul>li:hover .dropdown {
    display: block;
    opacity: 1;

When activating hover on the nav>ul>li>a, the little image pops up.

nav>ul>li.connect>a:focus {
    background-position: -324px 46px;

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