php search result images show across and fill a CSS div

Tags: php,html,css

Problem :

I'm using dreamweaver and php to return a list of images based on search critiera. I have used Dreamweaver's repeat function and can get the images to repeat below each other (as below).

<table width="100" height="38" border="1"> 
<?php do { ?> 
<td width="38">
<img class='example' src="images/<?php echo $row_getresult['image_name']; ?>.png"/><br>       
<?php } while ($row_getamenityaccommodation = mysql_fetch_assoc($getamenityaccommodation)); 

How can I get the images to go across from each other within a CSS Div e.g. float:left; width:45%; so that if there are more images than what would fit in 45%, the images would continue onto a new line?

Would somehow 'printing' the array work?

Solution :

Remove the table and replace with

<div style='width:45%'>
<?php do{ ?>
<img style='float:left;class='example' src="images/<?php echo $row_getresult['image_name']; ?>.png"/>
<?php } while ($row_getamenityaccommodation = mysql_fetch_assoc($getamenityaccommodation)); ?>

or for a more semantic version use a ul since you are showing a list of images.

<ul class='gallery'>
<?php do{ ?>
<li><img style='float:left;class='example' src="images/<?php echo $row_getresult['image_name']; ?>.png"/></li>
<?php } while ($row_getamenityaccommodation = mysql_fetch_assoc($getamenityaccommodation)); ?>

and in css {
       width: 45%;
       list-style: none;
       margin:0; padding:0;
  } li {
       padding: 5px;

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