How to bind click event on image added using CSS 'background-image' property in jQuery

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,css3

Problem :

Here is my fiddle link

I guess my question is clear by title itself. Still, what I am looking for is an way to bind click event on the image added using css's background-image property.

I know, I could have achieved the similar functionality (of placing image over input field using this way or this way) by simply positioning <img> tag over input box and then handling the required events but that way didn't seem too flexible with input fields of varying width and height or if the wrapping div doesn't have position:relative; as its property.

If adding event on image loaded with background-image is not possible then how to make the later approach more flexible.

Hope I have conveyed my issues clearly.


Solution :

Something like this appears to also work:

$('.cross').click(function(e) {
  var mousePosInElement = e.pageX - $(this).position().left;
  if (mousePosInElement > $(this).width()) {

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