How to add CSS files for different platform devices? [closed]

Tags: html,css,html5

Problem :

I am developing mobile website in Eclipse tool(no plugins were used). It must support android,*blackberry*,ios,*windows* mobiles. I have five html files. Do i need to have seperate CSS files for each device & for each html files. Which would be optimistic method of adding CSS files?

And will all the 4 platform accept same set of codes or do i need to have any specific code/functions for different devices?

what is the height specifying format(i.e. px,em,%) to be used, so that webpage can get adjusted to different mobile screen sizes?

Solution :

What would be the reason for different stylesheets? if you use media queries with good break points you should be just fine using one stylesheet.

The optimum units to use would be em and %.

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