How to make an entire div clickable with CSS [closed]

Tags: css,html,clickable

Problem :

Sometimes you want to make an entire div (or other element) into a clickable link. Here’s an example.

Here’s a cross-browser way to do it using pure CSS:


<div class="clickable">
    <a href="URL_OF_LINK_TARGET"> </a>
    Rest of div content goes here

div.clickable { /* Containing div must have a position value */
div.clickable a {
    text-decoration:none; /* Makes sure the link   doesn't get underlined */
    z-index:10; /* raises anchor tag above everything else in div */
    background-color:white; /*workaround to make clickable in IE */
    opacity: 0; /*workaround to make clickable in IE */
    filter: alpha(opacity=1); /*workaround to make clickable in IE */

First, give the containing div position. That way, when we apply “position:absolute;” to the link (see next paragraph) it will position itself relative to the containing div.

Next, make the link absolutely positioned and the full size and depth of the containing div. The link’s z-index makes sure it’s above everything else in the div, so no matter where you click, you’re clicking the link.

IE, naturally, has quirks. In this case, IE requires a background color for such a link to be clickable, so we give it a background color (white), set the opacity to 0, then give it an IE-only opacity of 1% using IE’s proprietary filter property.

Finally, put whatever content you want in the div. If you’re going to be layering the content using z-index, just make sure not to give any element a higher z-index than the link.

Solution :

You can wrap a div in a link and it is valid HTML5.

<a href="#">

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