How to Add Class to Bootstrap Thumbnails on Slider Change

Tags: jquery,css3,twitter-bootstrap

Problem :

Can you please take a look at this link and let me know let me know how I can add the class .highlight either on gallery carousel-control clicks to the thumbs?

As you can see from the code I am using following code to highlight the selected thumbs:

var classHighlight = 'highlight';
var $thumbs = $('.thumbnail').click(function(e) {

well, I am not sure that is correct way but it is working for me! but as I said this is working on clicking on .thumbnail but what I need is adding the class to thumbnails on sliding event. I already add this CSS to my code but it is not working!


Thanks for you time and comments

Solution :

You can change the on slide function to do that (added the 2 bottom lines):

   // When the carousel slides, auto update the text
    $('#myCarousel').on('slid', function (e) {
            var id = $('').data('slide-number');
        $('#slider-thumbs > div > ul > li > a').removeClass('highlight');

To select the first thumbnail on page load add this line on top, after the initialization of carousel:


Fiddle: DEMO

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