How to trigger css3 rotate effect by clicking?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,css3

Problem :

I have two divs. One is applied the rotate effect and another would trigger by clicking. Here is the HTML:

<div id="d1">


<div id="d2">


<a href=#>click me</a> 


#d1, #d2{
        width: 100px;
        height: 100px;
        background-color: red;
        margin: 50px 50px 50px 50px;

        background-color: green;
        -webkit-animation: spin 10s infinite linear;

        -webkit-animation: spin 0.5s 1 linear;

    @-webkit-keyframes spin {
    0%  {-webkit-transform: rotate(0deg);}
    100% {-webkit-transform: rotate(360deg);}   



Here is the DEMO page I know the problem should be in js, could someone tell me how to modify it? thx!

It's working when I remove the "." But when I click the link, it only work once. How can I fix that?

Solution :

You have an error near your addClass, you should put $("#d1").addClass("spinEffect"); and not ".spinEffect", the . is useless there ;)

For your second question, just add infinite in your css

  -webkit-animation: spin 0.5s infinite linear;


If you want the box to turn once every time you click on the button you can achieve it with the following method

    var $d1 = $("#d1"); //little optimization because we will use it more than once

You may ask why the setTimeout, it's because otherwise, the class is re-added to quickly for the CSS to trigger the effect ;)

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