How can I create an addin in Visual Studio to generate javascript, CSS and other code from a settings file

Tags: c#,css,visual-studio-2010,auto-generate

Problem :

My VS 2010 ASP.Net Web App project would have:

1. Settings file (names of actions, behavior, location of an image in an image cluster, etc.)
2. A javascript containing functions for the actions to use. This file that will get combined in with other javascript files at build time and is OK to overwrite each time as I won't need to customize anything here after it's generated.
3. A CSS file containing information such as the background attribute for a DIV that I'm using as a button to offset into a location within an image cluster.

What I want is:

An addin or some command/entity that I can easily trigger via Visual Studio UI to process the settings and recreate the files containing javascript and css for the actions specified in the settings. The reason I want this is because I'll have 30+ actions and possibly more in the future and don't want to recreate these any time I make changes of how I want them to work and easily be able to add new ones and have the JS and CSS quickly regenerated.

Solution :

You can use T4 templates. They can generate any text file based on the template that is written as a mixture of plain text and C#.

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