How do I know which CSS is overriding my background image?

Tags: css

Problem :

I want a background image on my page (background.png), but some rogue CSS is thwarting me.

enter image description here

I can see that my style.css from line 39 is being overwritten. I would think this is being done by something like style.css. I search and do not find anything but my original desired specification in that file. I can not find out what css is doing the overriding.

I have searched all the css files I can think of for the specified image (bg_p2_28.jpg). I have searched all the css files for background, nothing seems to come up. It is not being specified in the main HTML

I am barely struggling through as a reasonably competent programmer that has not used HTML since the mid 1990's. I am just trying to modify a template I bought.

What techniques can I use, or how do I interpret what I have here shown here to figure out what CSS override is ultimately being pushed into the page?


Adding the !important; works. It feels very dirty for some reason. I do not know why. I have tried following the javascript in, but the debugger is confusing to the uninitiated. Is the Important! a terrible thing to do, or reasonable? I think it would be useful to understand where these are being set in the java code, but when I search the code, I think the values are stored in variable, so can only be caught at run time.

Solution :

You could try background: url(src) !important;, not the perfect solution, but i think it will work for you in this case.

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