How to Change Css coding with a link [closed]

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I was wondering if it is possible to change CSS with a link. What I'm trying to do is I want to change the display:none so it shows the page and hides another so it looks like your going to another page but it's already been loaded. Is it possible?

If it's possible with JavaScript or jQuery, how do I put it in HTML?

Can OnClick change display:none to display:block?

Solution :

You could use :target pseudo-class I think.

You could something like this:

<a href="#books">Show books</a>
<a href="#tv">Show TV</a>

<section id="books"></section>
<section id="tv"></section>

And CSS:

section {
  display: none;

*:target {
  display: block;

There are a few good examples on

But I think, is most cases, using JavaScript would be a better solution.

Edit: added universal selector like Alexxus suggested.

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