how to define style for a group of child elements from parent element's style?

Tags: html,css,styles

Problem :

How can I define the style attribute values for a group of child elements from the parent element's style.

I want to achieve the following-

<div style="style for the child <span> tags">

Say I want to set the color of the text only in the child <span> tags but not for the text in the child <div> tags. Here I want to know how to do it in case of both inline and internal CSS.

How can I do it?

Solution :

You can't do it inline.

Give your main div an id, let's use container. The css would be like this:

div#container span {
    styles for the spans inside the main div

Of course, if you have more than one such container div, use class instead of id. The approach is the same.

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