How to change width of

Tags: css,jsf-2,primefaces,width,panelgrid

Problem :

I have a <p:panelGrid> as follows:

<p:panelGrid style="width: 50px">
        <p:column colspan="2">

I tried to set the width of the panel grid to 50px by setting the CSS width property, however it didn't become 50px wide.

How can I set the width of the panel grid to 50px?

Solution :

The <p:inputTextarea> is wider than the <p:panelGrid> and therefore pushing it far outside the specified width.

You need to set the width on the <p:inputTextarea> as well.

<p:inputTextarea style="width: 50px;" />

(note: this doesn't take margins into account, so the panel grid is still a bit larger than 50px, but you should now know how to finetune that)

Unrelated to the concrete problem, CSS should go in its own .css file.

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