How to not make text colored within a href link but the text is also within div?

Tags: html,css,html5,css3,colors

Problem :

How can I make text NOT blue colored when I make entire div as a link?

So in the following snippet:

<a href="/link"><div><h2>LINK</h2></div></a>

I want to make the entire div be linked to another page, but also don't want to get the string LINK as blue colored as is the case with usual linking object.

When I wrote the following CSS:

a {text-decoration: none; background-color: none; }

it didn't change at all.


Thanks for many answers. The reason I want to put div inside a is that I want to make the block linkable object (click on the block and go to another page). I first put a inside div, but it didn't work, and that's why I put it outside div. (and I use HTML5 and CSS3).

Solution :

In HTML 5, easily use this:

<a href="/link">
    <div class="link">


   text-decoration: none; 
   background-color: none;

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